Kyle Knight

Front End Engineer · Sass/SCSS · React.js · HTML5 · UX Engineering

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Dedicated developer with a passion for real time development.

I am comfortable collaborating closely with others, but can also succeed independently

What I Offer

Software Engineering

From conception, to planning, and development. I have experience in helping you with your next web application!

Frontend Development

From HTML/CSS to JavaScript, as well as pre-compilers (such as Webpack, Grunt, & Gulp), UX, web accessibility, and more.

Team Player

Between pair-programming, working with a group, or helping with research, I'll do my part in contributing to the project.

Well Organized

From digital to physical, everything has its place. I try to be meticulous with keeping everything, except my beard, well groomed.

Hardworking, Enthusiastic, Passionate

About Me

Kyle Knight

I began learning about development when I was 12 years old. Reverse engineering existing sites to learn how they worked, what HTML was, what each piece did, how CSS related, and how JavaScript interacted with it all.

I started building sites for friends, local companies, and others for free... back when a website had a grey background, links were blue, and everyone used Netscape. After a few years of this, I spent a couple years going to college for network administration; I realized it wasn't my passion when I completed my entire prerequisite HTML course (homework, midterm, and final) in just over 8 hours.

I have spent the past decade in St Louis' agencies, being self employed, and working with one of the world's largest Cyber Security & Malware Protection agency, FireEye. When I'm not spending my time in front of a glowing screen, I'm out riding my Harley or spending time with my awesome wife, Kelly.

Agile, Concise, Innovative

My Work


901 Tequila

Client: The Able Few

Description: Worked on coding out the front end (HTML/CSS/JS) with parallax scrolling, integrated into Ruby on Rails application. Contributed in integrating a couple "Easter Eggs".

HLK Agency

Client: The Able Few

Description: Contributed to development of HTML & CSS. Animations completed using CSS keyframes. Integrated into a Ruby on Rails platform.


Click With Me Now

Client: The Able Few

Description: One of the core contributors. Developed backend socket server for realtime communication with guests. Built injection script for frontend clients to establish connection.

GitHub Repositories

Description: Random one off projects that I've built over the past couple of years to solve a problem I was having at any given time.